Saturday, May 21, 2022

walking out of the door


Walking out the door

The back door should be booted out

Every one of the bad leaders

They bring shame to us and nation

There shouldn't be a second chance

These leaders aren't there to help us

It is always for their own and cronies

They will collect the bad brands to celebrate

Walking out the door

It should be our collective efforts

Our debts in over 1 trillion

IMF will keep a close watch

Likewise our creditors too

They aren't going to stay quiet

They too need to protect their interests

But the back door finding ways for their own

Walking out the door

We should kick the bad leaders away

We shouldn't allow them to stay

They aren't helping the nation to smile

We have our fear

The future may sound like a bad song

If we don't get united and make the changes

Walking out the door will be for us

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