Saturday, December 17, 2022

the light of hope


The light of hope

Rising to take the challenges

The road ahead will not be smooth sailing

The pot holes too many to get it filled

There is no way to avoid it

The bad leaders will have to face the consequences

There is no way for them to escape

They can say they never done wrong

Part of the $600-620 billion will be investigated

As Macc is concentrating on $95.2 billion

Where the monies were floated out by the back door

Without check and balance to control the outflow

Anwar administration wants a clean sweep of it

Any hanky-panky needs to be investigated

The culprits will have to face their consequences

There will no mercy for them to escape

The light of hope

Cleaning up the corruption culture

Anwar must sweep it clean

Let the nation smile in the light

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