Sunday, December 11, 2022

bullying in schools


Bullying in schools

It happens every where

It is always on parenting

This is where the bad habits formed

The school children will learn

Through the behaviour they observe

The words or speeches the parents talk

They make an impact on the young minds

When they are enrolled in schools

The bullies will start to manifest

They will try to enforce their behaviour

The weak ones will be shackled and paid

When I was in primary school

A bully tried to make us low

Once in an open field I took him down

Fought him until he gave up

We became friends

We had no hard feeling

Knowing we were in school to learn

A bully must be brought down

A school boy wrote to PM

He took it to advice his Education Minister

The ground will shake when the PM takes action

The school better starts its investigation

Bullying in schools

Why the teachers never learn?

Because they play politics

Neglecting their basic rules

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