Tuesday, December 27, 2022

the crony companies


The day of crony companies

The directors reap the harvest well

The people have to pay a higher price

Leaving us a bad taste in our minds

This form of enrichment

It has been carried on for decades

The social welfare lottery was a good income generated

It would help the NM and NM NGO but it was divested

It was a wrong decision then

Focusing on the religious matters

When in reality the government needs funding

Helping the poor and NGO to survive

Even a GLC company sold its subsidiary

There is no reason to do it then

The company generated a yearly income of $25 million

A former minister explained but there are punching holes

Anwar administration will have his plate full

The can of worms will slowly crawl out to look

The day of the crony companies

It will need to be controlled

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