Wednesday, December 14, 2022

the grapevine on Jakarta plot


The grapevine on Jakarta plot

Some wolf leaders in clandestine meeting

Flying to Jakarta to hedge a fall

Dreaming of power and benefits after all

The wolf leaders are known by now

They were the ones who signed SD supporting Pee Anne

The moos and Bawang crocodiles were smiling

Until the rug was pulled under their feet

Now the grapevine says of Jakarta plot

Finding ways to topple the unity government

December 19 will be the clue to it all

Who will vote for Anwar Ibrahim?

Anwar knows he takes his risk

He isn't going to run away like Moo

His Destiny has carried him thus far

It will carry him through in Parliament

So far the chief wolf hasn't sent his signal

The smoke isn't light up in the sky

The 30 MP have to wait for his instruction

It fuels the grapevine talk of back stabbing

By Monday the people will listen and read

Will Anwar survive his no confidence vote?

He needs it to move forward in his plan

If he fails the political Islam will cause pain

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