Wednesday, December 28, 2022

have patience will win


Have patience will win

Though many will say differently

They want to frog to get the fame

Doing nothing is the name

Look at Moo

Impatience got him no where

He got to the highest post

But got headaches of his bad reputation

He didn't survive in his role

He was forced to resign

Though he didn't quit politics

He still does his old ways

Look at Azzmin

He was impatien to stay

Now he had nothing

A gay video tape hanging on his head

Look at Zuraida

Frog here and there

The voters rejected her outright

Even her current party sacked her too

Look at Anwar

Mun Mun Lai wins his race

He struggles it for 24 years

Now he is PM 10

Have patience will win

It may take years to fruition

But in the end it is worth the wait

The confidence in one's ability to succeed

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