Saturday, December 31, 2022

we are in business of economy not religion


Rice the staple food for the nation

The government should control the buying and selling

In fact the government should do the buying

Then sell it to the distribution companies

As it is now a company controls it

A monopoly where the farmers can't fetch a better price

The farmers will face the mercy of the profit making company

Thus it is the government role to control rice buying

It is time the government should take it back

Rice, electricity, water and telecommunications

It can't be farmed out to companies to profit it

This is basically a monopoly interest

Even the lottery companies too

Why let other companies make the monies?

The profit can be used to help the NM

The taxes can be used for developments

The thinking must change

If we think of religion all the times

The nation will not progress

We are in business of economy not religion

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