Thursday, November 24, 2022

finally Mr Reformasi arrives


Finally Mr Reformasi arrives!

The decades of fighting for change has come

Though in the form of a unity government

Something good better than nothing!

His Majesty appoints him as the 10th Prime Minister

After the conference of Malay Rulers in the palace

This will bring the nation forward to the world

A man who is well known internationally

The road is still unclear

The mapping must begin to create the changes

There are still the extremists in the maze

Hiding in their posts as members of Parliament

The hare lost his game

Hopping hard and eager

Collecting SD to show his majority

In the end many dropped out of it

The tortoise walked peacefully

Enjoying his day and sunshine

Listening to the wind and whispers

While the hare stopped to cry he walked passed and won

Anwar will be sworn in at 5.00pm today

The right choice to handle the situation in the nation

The Old Man of Getah may get his fever now

But we will sing our hit song for a while

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