Thursday, November 10, 2022

GE15 the hope of new era


The wolves are seeing defeat

They lost their narration in the campaigns

What they say still divide and rule

It isn't a new horizon but the old

Even in caretaker government

They still want to award contracts

They have no mandate from the voters

As Parliament is dissolved nothing moved

The master of social media

He is crying in his cell

Karma has caught up with him

He is still trying to discredit a judge

Now the wolves have a poster boy

He can't swing his moves to win

He has his Lowyat2 to hold him

He knows he will be gone after GE15

PH has taken control of the social media

The voters will get the coverage they need

As long as the voters make the waves

The wolves will fall into the deep pit

GE15 the hope of new era

There is nothing to stop the urge to change

The wolves mustn't allow to step on stage

Let them choke on their own bad deeds

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