Sunday, June 12, 2022

stay away toyol


The toyol
You don't need prison

To tell you not to do wrong

You have the intelligence

To recognize the right and wrong

It is the greed that would fail any person

Rich or poor or beggar or vagabond

Once greed takes control in the mind

Everything will seem a dark shadow

Like a puppy love; everything is for self

The toyol

You can't fool the people

You had your share of fame and misfortune

You don't have to paint yourself

I have learned my lesson

Give me a chance to show”

A wolf will always transform

When the moon starts to shine

It is better you stay away

Count your blessing you got 6 months

Out on parole instead of 3 years in jail

The toyol

Let the new faces take the high road

You should stay behind enjoy your life

The Sungai Besar voters have passed you by

You don't have to pledge anything now

Once bitten the voters have enough

Stay away, toyol, they don't need your memory

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