Wednesday, June 15, 2022

stay on principles rewards will come


Pakatan Harapan leaders

Stay on the road of good governance

Stay on the good principles

Don't try to take the short rewards

The 3 parties can handle it

Going to the GE15 in due course

There is no need for the joining forces

To fight the big bad wolf on the run

The arm chair critics will have their reasons

Embrace the traitors forget about principles

It is to cut off the likes of the big bad wolf

Let the big bad wolf roam in the forest

PH leaders must gate the back door

Because traitors may happen for power

So it is always best not to join forces

PH doesn't need it to win GE15

Don't go for short term gain

The bigger picture should be the prize

Let there be 3 parties to contest

Nobody can predict the outcome

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