Sunday, June 26, 2022

the court cluster


The court cluster

Finding ways to stay relevant

The wolf members should see it now

Are they for wealth or serve the nation?

Onn Jaafar wanted to serve the nation

Wanted all to join his party in the beginning

But the Turks during his term forced him to leave

He left without realizing his dream

Today the party is still a race

For over 6 decades it pursues with it

Leaving a bad footprints till today

Enriching the elites but not ordinary members

The court cluster afraid to wear orange suits

In court trying to give all kind of excuses

The disciplinary board dares not take action

The board chairman should suspend their membership

Nothing has been done

The court cluster will axe those against them

One by one will be pushed out of the door

The scarecrow will face his dilemma too

The nation doesn't need them

They bring shame and tears to her eyes

The people should see it out right

The wolf party should bite the dust!

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