Saturday, June 25, 2022

the plotting script


Words of lies

Burying it with not credible persons

It will not sound good at all

It will be “I say and he says”

The script is written by the words

Plotting it with many holes to cook up lies

When there are no concrete evidence to show

Why tell lies to sound credible?

The amount of money mentioned

$100k is a pittance for a project costing billions

Who will be that stupid to ask for it?

The wolves will get a few hundred millions!

It can't even send the Rocket to the moon

The pittance amount can't even buy an apartment

Why cook up this amount of cash?

Say something of hundreds of millions to be believable

Like the chief wolf case

A few millions change hands for the wolves

In the court of law the witness testify

If he lies he will be charged with perjury

The tunnel bridge case is to make a person looked bad

Especially from a Rocket to bring it down

Because the wolves and their ilks are afraid

The party is attracting a large numbers to its rank

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