Sunday, November 12, 2023

our stupidity fighting for dominance


The world will find

Peace is an illusive dream

We can't find it

We can live in our minds

The small and big nations

The leaders seek power

To establish the control

Over the weak countries

The super-powers

The enforcement of control

Through politics and economy

The smaller nations can only complain

The game of religion

It is suppose to bring harmony

Yet it sails into stormy water

One religion tries to dominate it

The conflict races to war

Fighting peace isn't the way

It is to dominate the weak

While the weak think they can fight

The world of 7.8 billion people

Better stay alert on the deadly viruses

It will not be global wars to eradicate the race

It is our stupidity fighting for dominance

The world leaders don't learn

The climatic changes happening

The islands disappeared by rising tides

Still they seek power to control at what price?

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