Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Anwar must stay on the right path


Find the strength

Weigh the options

To stay onto power

Without sacrificing too many

Anwar has to understand

Bending to suit his power base

It will not help him in the long run

He seems the wolves get much leeway

The chief wolf is on DNAA

Many can't believe AG pull a fast one

Citing to investigate on new leads

Will it come back to the court?

Anwar has to stay on course

The past one year he hasn't proven it

On the promises he has to come clean

Don't let power corrupt souls

In his current line up

He has to play Tai Chi

In every move he seeks

He mustn't give way too many

Find the strength

Don't forget his history

The black eye and prison

Else he will not make an impact

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