Sunday, November 12, 2023

our back-yard


Our back-yard

Of the poor, destitute or homeless

Where are the politicians?

They forget to see these people

They rather run amok

Over to Palestine

Fighting for these people

Sending donations and food trucks

What do we gain by it?

We will get the publicity

At what expense for our poor?

Is that the right way to make our stand?

Charity begins at home

This should be the way first

Before we start to look at across borders

Our priority must be right

Palestine dilemma

It is the people who couldn't accept

Let Hamas do the physical harm

Who will pay for the losses?

They should negotiate for peace

Live within the borders waiting

Patience will win over in time

But will it happen tomorrow?

Our people should remember

We have our own poor and homeless

We should look inward in our backyard

Before we think of across the borders

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