Monday, November 20, 2023

stop the 2R game for good


The Renaissance man

Still wanting to breed his Islamic way

Many thought he has changed in political renaissance

Instead he plays his kind of game

Maybe he has forgotten his black eye in prison

The voters gave him a chance to correct the system

Built on false foundation getting the nation down

The 2R game he needs to put a stop to it

His PKR ministers should have taken the lead

Put a stop to the harping on 2R

Take out the cane and whip those involved

Religion can't feed the souls

The nation doesn't need the syariah laws

What she has in the Constution should be sufficient

Are the Islamic faithful so weak in their minds?

The world is about freedom not living in the Stone Age

The Renaissance man

Better wake up before the storm hit

His party may not win any seats in GE16

The way his game is thrown in the ring

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