Monday, November 27, 2023

the evil spirit will not forget


The evil spirit stares

Waking up from his slumber

The noises he always hears

Getting it to his nerves

The many centuries gone

He tried to take less souls

Yet misdeeds of humans

It will never go away

Now he looks out his window

The dim and neon lights glow

The steamy nights and bad deeds

He has seen it all in his centuries

The greed of power

Power to corrupt the mind

The mind will want the riches

Living it with style and glamour

The evil spirit sigh

He has to go to fish off the bad souls

He can hear all the cries and pleading

Still it is his job to finish it

He only hopes in his mind

The humans will learn this century

Too much bad vibrations aren't helping

Nearly 8 billion people mustn't be sleeping

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