Monday, November 27, 2023

sirul game of play


Atlantuya killers

One in death row

One is free in Australia

Is justice done for her?

The mastermind hasn't caught

He still lives free staying low

The police don't want to reopen investigation

On the new evidence revealed in the open

It may look like hearsay evidence

Since it was a high profile case then

The police should revisit the investigation papers

Many key players involved weren't investigated

Sirul game of play

He holds it dear afraid to lose

His trump card to stay alive

He hasn't disclosed the full crime

He will not come back

He has his freedom in Oz

He isn't so stupid to fly in

He will have his bargaining tools

The truth will disclose

It has been 17 years since 2006

Atlantuya still waiting for her justice

Blew to pieces by using C4 explosives

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