Monday, November 28, 2005

flames of fury 14

The deputy IGP wants to catch the person(s) who filmed the 70 sec video clip. By right he should catch his own police officer(s) for bringing this uproar in the public. He shouldnt waste taxpayers' money to go for witch hunt so that he could cover his own weaknesses in the police force. Maybe he wanted to do 'a ala Anwar style' because he got his rewards. This could be his own 'waterloo'. The old saying will come back to haunt a person -Dont do to others what you dont want others do it back to you. Hell...perhaps he just doesnt care anymore. What the PM is doing? Calling him to investigate not the IGP himself? So far nothing has come from the IGP. Very interesting! When one doesnt know what the left is doing, the right has no business to shoot either! Because it rings badly on either side. Now he says it is a standard procedures to strip suspected person(s) So in his own words he is allowing it to happen. If Tun Dr Ismail was around, I am very sure the Deputy IGP will be demoted or sacked! Ask Tun Hanif about Tun Dr Ismail. The country should have another person of Dr Ismail leadership. He didnt tolerate nonsense from any quarter. This is what the country needed. He thinks this incident will go away. I dont think so. The Chinese Nationals had filed reports back in China. And the ambassador has notified the government. Dato Azmi to discuss with his counterpart in China about dismay arrivals from China. This again is a wrong move by the PM. He should get a person from the MCA or Gerakan to help in this incident or wooing the Chinese to visit the country again with full cooperation from the uniformed personnel.

True the Chinese women cracked marriages break up as reported the chinese housewives to Women's Wing of MCA. It can happen to any race. To me it is a trend of broken marriages or sex affairs or love affairs. It is nothing new. The housewives should ask themselves why their husbands or boyfriends go for another. To me it is going down to bedroom antics. Yeah...remembering about 'Desperate Housewives'.

Back to DIGP. He should better explain himself. If he can't, I think he has to go. It is no use employing him. It is a waste of public funds. Maybe Anwar's ghost will suck him dry....

Do I hear a ghost? So many now circulating in the air....

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