Saturday, December 31, 2016

which way we want to go?

Which way we want to go?
Live the old system benefitting a few?
Or we make the change out right?
Picking up the pieces and set our ways?

We saw what were happening
The Constitution seems to be ignored
A Secular nation slowly losing its hold
The Islamization corners the echo

Our tax monies on the wagon train
The division of wealth is lopsided
Saw it in scholarships and religion
Which way we want to go?

When injustice rules
We can't stay quiet like lambs
Letting the wolves have a whale time
We must put a stop before we all drown

We have seen the bad
We don't have to talk and complain
We need to take action by changing
When the opportunity knocks at our doors

We mustn't feel afraid
The wolves have to be shot
We must let the lambs grow
We will benefit by its abundance

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