Tuesday, December 13, 2016

for a child isn't innocent anymore

The evil strikes fear
The ultimate sacrifice
The death of souls
The crying pain in our lives

Don't think children are harmless
They will not know right or wrong
In the hands of the evil doers
The children will blow the adults away

In the fight of terror
Nobody should be taken for granted
Adults or children mustn't show the leeway
For evil will hide in lamb clothing

We read the report of Vietnam War
How the Vietcongs used children in the campaigns
How many American soldiers die on foreign soil?
They thought childrean were innocent!

Now the familiar trend is used
Isis Islamic militants used for suicide bombers
The innocent children wrapped in bombs
They will blow up the places!

If a child can say “I hate you!”
There is evil planting his seed
Bringing the terror in every continent
For a child isn't innocent anymore

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