Tuesday, December 13, 2016

they mustn't forget about trojan horses

The politicians grouping will have short term life
The parties of different platforms will try to join together
On a common ground to defeat an enemy
When that is achieved the squabbles will begin
The hungry of power will erode into its game

The loose get together of the Muslim base parties
Cuddling to each other wanting to get the throne
The leaders can forget the past deeds and work it out
Arrive on a common goal and platform to defeat an enemy
Leaving the others thumbing their noses in the air
Little do they know the Malays have to wake up
The addiction of cash swaying their lives
They will dream of money; forget about pride and dignity

They shouldn't forget about Trojan horses
They will make the pact fail in the field
The clutches of cash and its addiction
It will make the fall for many
It will be a crying shame
When the majority race is played, sprayed, addicted
They will not be able to stand up and break free
They will live in a narrow view
Always believe they are the lord of the land
If only they wake up now
See the truth maybe get freedom in their lives

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