Saturday, December 10, 2016

improve the human rights at home

In his backyard
He forgets about human rights
He uses the draconian laws
To punish and jail his critics

But on the foreign mistreatments
He goes down to demonstrate
Calling of human rights and compassion
He just wants to score his publicity

The lies keep flowing
We hear so often we can smile
He thinks he has solid backing
He will get whacked on his face!

The power is temporary
It can be taken away in time
It is the people who will decide
Make no mistake about it

When power grows into the soul
It forgets the liberty of the people
The laws are made to protect a few
Let the majority feel the blue

He should remember
The time will come
He will be nobody
He will face his music

Now he can tell lies
He can deny his scandals
He can swear all he wants
The people will want justice

The spirit of goodness will rise
Once it gets back its foothold
The bad hats will face the truth
Bamboo River will call their names

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