Wednesday, December 21, 2016

be brave to change

Be brave to go
Take the plunge for change
On paper it seems impossible
In history we learned it could

Empires gone emperors defeated
Warlords killed new horizons came
The people stood together and united
For freedom is our gift to stay free

In US they have a black President
Those decades it could be difficult
Even to smell a black or brown
Walking up the steps of the White House!

In South Korea there is a female President
Something the Koreans thought couldn't happen
The country finally has one in her history
The Koreans dare to change

Now we have our chance
We must be dare to make the go
The nation faces so many scandals
Giving us the shame and losing our dignity

Bury Bee Anne
Let its leaders smell the dust
Let them feel the reality
Work for the people not for personal gains

We have the opportunity
We mustn't lose our focus
If we want to stay afloat and be free

Then Bee Anne has to go!

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