Wednesday, December 28, 2016

we make the difference

The reign of power
The greedy ones take it higher
They want to play gods
The energy of stirring up fear

In the beginning the root takes shape
The fear of losing lives put a stop to disagree
The lambs walk to the field murmuring with the wind
Let the greedy ones take we wait for our time”

The power of prayers
It rings true in the air
The dreams of change
It will going to take shape

The reign of power
It has to go instead
It has brought misery
The empty pockets to cry

Now the fear of losing lives
It is washed under the bridge
It is time to take back our heritage
Our shame and our dignity

The power we realize
It is within each and everyone of us
We are the ones who will make the difference
It isn't the reign of power to cage us in

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