Saturday, December 31, 2016

adieu 2016

It's the final day
We will bid goodbye to 2016
The good and bad memories
As in the years before it

Now there is the confusion
Amongst the leaders to enforce
The religious dogma on the whole
Islamization in everything

Even a fast food chained outlets
Bringing in cakes from outside
It must have a halal certificate
Why doesn't it says no outside cakes allowed?

Once there was no such thing
Muslims and Non-Muslims sit together
They didn't make a fuss of anything
They respected each other cultures and belief

In East Malaysia they laughed at us
The West Malaysians are really confused lot
Everything must have a halal logo
Who is more confused here?

The scandals in the nation
It will not go away
Though the investigations stopped
It doesn't mean it will be forgotten

Besides the religious confusion
There is donation on corruption
MO1 unmasked yet no action
It's own leader confirmed it

Zaid took up the case
MO1 intervened in his application
If he has nothing to hide
Why take all the troubles?

Anwar Ibrahim is imprisoned
On a case of sodomy 2
The plotters in high office
They are afraid of his presence

Even bill boards put up in public places
The Amno youth made police report
Afraid the people will go against the government
Amno baru leaders are still afraid of Anwar Ibrahim

The tweeter top cop
He can't stomach criticisms
He will initiate investigations under PC 500
A civil servant must listen to the public

He forgets the people pay him
Through our taxes to keep the nation safe
His personal conduct can be questioned
It's the right of the taxpayers

But the fish head is rotten
The weaknesses of the administration
The exploitation has began
The wagon train will be plundered

Borrowing from China
Funding capital projects
When we can't afford it
We shouldn't borrow

What is the payback period?
Who will benefit on the railway project?
As the current train services making losses
Will it sound a similar fate?

The good of 2016
We are still standing united
We can tolerate each other
As we usher for the New Year of 2017

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