Friday, February 24, 2023

the Old Man can't stay retired


The Old Man

He can't stay retired

He wants to get involved

Act like a busy-body

Once Daim told us

Decades ago his boss couldn't retire

He will live and die with it

That's the Old Man dilemma

Now he wants to stay relevant

But the Langkawi voters told him to rest

Live quietly in his sunset years

Maybe apologize for his bad administration

But no for Dr Mahathir

He joined up with Putra

Fighting for a race and religion

That's the way of the Old Man

Why he left Pejuang?

So that his son can manage the show

The Old Man wanted him to mend the road

As he lopped himself to Putra

The Old Man wants to stay active

He is afraid to lose his mind and will

By staying in politics to share his mind

He believes he can play his game

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