Wednesday, February 22, 2023

the moos bad tracks


The moos bad tracks

The leaders have felt the shiver

It isn't over yet in the investigation

Macc have to dig deeper to find more

Now it is the hot news in the city

Everyone will be sharing or talking

The moos Malay first leader will realize

He may face the blues

Though now they speak

The selective political prosecution

They should have said it is corruption

The monies of millions flowing into accounts

Even the main party accounts

Macc have frozen it

They want to find out how

The party received $300 million in funds

It isn't over

The Moos leaders will have to sweat

They can say all they want today

The past they talked too arrogantly

Macc on the hunt

They will dig up accounts

The moos leaders will shiver

Thinking of the times in prison

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