Thursday, February 16, 2023

the crocodiles brag


The crocodiles brag

This is what they are good at

Opening their mouths to suck in air

Wanting to live but don't dirty the tails

The crocodiles will spin

Always on religion and race

They can't stand to be ignored

They want the tourists to offer

If we look at the crocodiles

Playing a docile game of inactivity

They want to get the lime light

Wanting the tourists to throw meat

They can't stand to be ignored

They will make unnecessary noise

They forget they aren't on the stage

The supporters have to live with it

The bread and butter issues

The crocodiles will suffer with it

Let them face their voters

How long will they survive?

As always the crocodiles

Using religion and race to play

They don't realize their sins

Sinking deep in their souls

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