Sunday, February 12, 2023

Anwar must be the agent of change


Spook the Malays?

Anwar must be brave

He can't be around all the times

The nation needs to rush ahead

Look into the civil servants

The bloated cake many deadwoods

Anwar must be the agent of change

Don't be afraid to spook the Malays

The Malays are every where

Holding high positions

In every government department and GLC

Even in banks, financial institutions and IT

It is only the politicians

Who keep on saying the Malays are far behind

Look into the economic cake

The Malays are every where

Anwar mustn't think of his position

A politician holding the post can come and go

Once he loses his election he is gone

It is better he makes the changes now

The nation needs the Renaissance Man

She needs to move forward and progress

No backward; no middle road but move ahead

Will there be such person not afraid to forge the move?

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