Wednesday, February 22, 2023

don't lose the confidence


Failures in life or business

It isn't the end of the road of life

There is always something to learn

Adapt and believe and have confidence

Every failure one has to learn

If we don't learn we will repeat it again

The time we will waste and efforts loss

Everyday something to look or something to listen

Confidence is the catch word

Without it we will be dead

In everywhere we go or stay

Because we can't move ahead

Every failure will cost us

Our confidence to take the challenges

Once we lose it we will face our bad fear

We will not find success in life

Failure in life

We can feel pain and sorrow

But don't get it down to the deep

Cry a few times the memories stay

Find the light again

Though the shadows will remain

Yet the chance to look ahead

Nobody can hide away

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