Sunday, December 13, 2015

the signs are there

The signs are there
Telling us the crumbling down of an empire
Too long into its role of State
Now the sleeping souls have to sleep

They don't hear the thunder
They don't listen to the lightning
They don't see the dry waterfall
They don't feel the wind blowing hot

They don't see the scandals
They all try to wrapped it up nicely
Putting on the shelf let others see
When you ask they pretend not to know

There signs are there
The cracking walls appear
The gravy train slowing down
The traction takes into slow speed

Do they wake up?
They are sleep walking
They don't see anything wrong
They only want to fill in their pockets

The signs are there
Painted in white and black
On the walls it stays today
The empire will be down

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