Tuesday, July 10, 2007

tian chua dream picture

Tian Chua faked photograph riled up Khairy, UMNO deputy youth chief. What had Khairy got to do with it? His face wasnt on it. I agreed Tian Chua used it in bad faith for his doctored picture.(Maybe he wanted to real picture to surface in Altantuya trial in the High Court) So Khairy complained to MCMC to take action on Tian Chua. MCMC should also take action on UMNO for doing the same thing on Chin Peng's book in UMNO website. Talking about calling a kettle black. UMNO has done more wrong in the country............................yet the Malays are totally blind to what UMNO has done. The elite group wants to stay in power and harvest gold, diamond, pearl, oil, etc for their own benefits. Look at the kampong folks. They are the worst off. And you think UMNO will help this group of people. Maybe once in every 4 0r 5 years when GE is around otherwise nothing will be done to help the society poor. Or if there is a buy election so there will be many goodies to give away like in Ijok. The Chinese is always pictured as the bogeyman...........The Malays dont need UMNO to progress. Dont they see it at all? The Malays have the numbers to challenge any one. Because of years of brain-washing by UMNO, they are what they are today -good in the kampong failure in the city and the world. Even I saw a programme about a successful Malay businessman in TV where he admitted it was the agencies which helped him along not by his own efforts. Without the agencies rolling in I doubt he could make it on his own. This is what UMNO has done to the Malays. I just hope the Malays will wake up and see how they are playing in the country - they are the pawns in the UMNO empire camouflage in democratic principles. So Tian Chua had his few days of fame for the wrong reasons. He should admit his mistake and moved on; or perhaps he wanted to use it to flush out the party involved when the real picture will be shown.................and UMNO will run baying for his pound of flesh

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