Tuesday, July 17, 2007

talented malaysians left

Talented Malaysians left the shore or parents migrating for a better future for the children. It isn't about race; it is about apportunity on a fair playing field. Currently, the government policies are weighted on the majority race leaving the other races collecting the crumbs off the table. The worst is NEP. It should have died years ago. Since it has enriched the elite groups, there is no way the current government will retire it off. Now look at the government scholarships. It is sided heavily on race. It isnt good in the long term for the country. The university enrolments have quotas for the Malays which again will breed "half past six" graduates then we have "half past six" leaders(Dr M 'half past six" government) Do the BN coalition partners care seriously about it? On the record, I dont think so. These leaders care about their seats and wealth accumulation. The future of the country will not be their objectives. The reading is 'Let the future take care of itself' I knew of my former classmates migrated to Australia for better life and prospects. I had read about people woes in this country and harping praises in their adopted countries. From 1996 till today there were 79,000 Malays left the country, about 29,000 Chinese, 1350 Indians and 350 others. These former Malaysians gave up their citizenships. I met a former director of Renong many years ago who said he had migrated to NZ. There isnt much controlling about her people. Freedom is.....................you can do what you want as long as you dont run wrong with her laws. There are many Malaysians staying abroad without giving up their citizenships for decades. The children are most likely be the adopted country. I have my cousins staying put in NZ and Australia (Perth) My first aunty says she receives about RM3,000/- monthly for senior citizen. I also met my former senior in school who had returned to the country. He was staying in Australia for years yet he came home. Expensive. One mixture salted veg soup cost A$5 whereas here is RM1.50. I know many will be migrating to Australia and US. They always think it is the land of opportunities and freedom.....I dont think they have the chances like here to mix all races together and still share a common bond. Over the countries, they will treat you as second class citizen. Period. I still like my country what with our weak government and inept policies or one sided policies benefitting the majority race. It will correct in the ballot box. I rather the present BN government goes for the university examinations to pick the best for each university. Like in China. In this way, there will not be any favour granting to any race. It is now base on talent, mind and wanting to learn something to improve.......Even in the government, it should be opened to all races with skills and talents to match the needs of the country. Every one can be the top in the organization.

Seriously the BN government is not doing this. It is not even considering the seriousness of the people migrating to other countries. They want to lure these talentd people back home but they dont change the shackles of their policies..........So it will be a snail pace to be a global player

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