Thursday, July 12, 2007

malaysia the best in the world

Malaysians leaving
And telling their sad stories
They think over the fence
There is much better world

I say stay back fight for change
Running away it won’t solve one’s affairs
It will be there
For generations to come anyway

Every country every culture
There will be racism in many forms
In US of A on the blacks and Red Indians
Australia on her sons of the soil
In China racism on class cultures
Here we hear stories they can’t stomach it

Of course we hear about UMNO
The ‘ketuanan Melayu”
The “keris’ holding episode
The favors for the Malays
And on their cronies and families
In every aspect of businesses
Universities and social structures
Do they think UMNO will do something different?

These Malaysians should understand
Any dominant race will fly up its color
“This is my race; this is my country”
This is the attitude of human race
Religion will help them to understand
Otherwise the dominant race will disappear
As Allah will punish them accordingly

I remembered once
When Musa Hitam was the DPM and Home Minister
I met him while he was on holiday
And he told us young fellow then
True many had migrated but many too wanted to return
But he refused to allow them
Saying these people have no hearts for the country
Why must he allow them to return home?

Don’t always think the green is beautiful across the fence
When one lands there one will see what it will be like

I will live and die in my country
With all her shines and bad feelings
This is my home
The cultures of beautiful drum beats
Songs and dances

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