Wednesday, July 25, 2007

scrapped car policy

Scrapped car policy hasnt approved said the Second Finance Minister. I think for now. When the budget announcement on 7/9/07, there may include in the budget for the year. This policy may affect many car owners though it is voluntary to scrap one's car above 15 years. I should think the government should close down motor-cycle factories. These people pose traffic nuisance and a social problem in the country (read mat rempit) Morover the vehicles cause one of the major pollution in the country. On police statistics, death were No:1 for them. In view of this, it can be a good solution. These people then can buy new proton cars cheaply then the car owners dont have to worry about the motor-cyclists in towns or highways. Of course many people will protest saying it isnt fair........but is life that cheap for these people? Once I rode a Yamaha motorcycle around my kampung then I ventured into town. I felt good about it. On the main road I stopped on my track because there was a police road block. I didnt have a motorcycle licence. So I pretended to have a rest about 2km away. When the police left I quickly drove home. My mother told me not to ride a motorcycle anymore. Period. So I never did after that. I drive car nowadays. It is the danger on the roads. I read about deaths majority is from this group.

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