Tuesday, July 17, 2007

nat tan released on police bail

Finally Nathaniel Tan is released on police bail after his 4 days remand was over. He is considered the 1st blogger to be nabbed for his posting in his blog(www.jelas.com) This is a selective persecution by the Police. The men in uniform should be impartial discharging their duties. Nobody is above the law. Not the PM or his deputy. These leaders too must be subject to the letters of the law. Even the cabinet ministers or their deputies too must be dealth with according to the laws. But in this country it is hardly happening. One was investigated by still holding to his post......and one would think the investigation would be completed fairly...........He should step down and let the Police conducts the investigations properly wthout undue presence of the one investigated. This is Malaysia where the powerful or related cronies are safe from Police investigations. The question now is who would be next blogger to be remanded for investigation? Police must act fairly. But it will be a long time coming....................Ah...goodnight Malaysia sleep tight listen to the knocking sound....who's next Mr Rabbit?

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