Sunday, July 15, 2007

nat tan arrrested

2 days ago Nat Tan was whisked away by a group of Special branch officers to Bukit Aman. He is considered the first blogger to be arrested on OSA. He is a webmaster in PKR and a Harvard graduate. Today Star had a story about Nat Tan on his having papers on Johari. AG had cleared Johari on a very flimsy excuses. AAB should have taken the initiative to release Johari from the Cabinet unless he doesnt know his job at all. To me he is the weakest PM I had read about. His famouse quote "I dont know" Every cabinet member who has been tainted by allegations should be released from his/her post for the police to investigate or ACA to probe without hindrance. AAB doesnt take congizance of what he preaches. Now Nat Tan will be in remand for 4 days to facilitate investigations. I wonder why the special branch never takes this procedure on Johari? This is a selective persecution on the citizens of the country. No one is above the look at it, is it?

The voters should come to their senses soon the writings are already on the walls. If you elect monkeys, you get peanuts. Just listen to your wakil rakyat.......they dont know what to do in parliament. Look how many times the ministers attend parliament? The coalition partners are doing for themselves................the voters only every 4-5 years....You get peanuts people. Time you think of the vote in your hand. You can make the difference for the country

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