Tuesday, July 17, 2007

malaysia isnt an islamic state at all

Malaysia is an Islamic State..............says Najib. How can he say that? The Federal Constitution says it is a Secular State with Islam as the official religion. This was agreed by our founding fathers before declaring independence for the country. Recognizing an official religion doesn't mean an Islamic State. Najib is echoing the sentiment of Dr Mahathir who was wrong then to say that Malaysia is an Islamic State. The UMNO leaders are running out of ideas. It is felt that the UMNO elite had gone 'berserk' trying to compete with PAS. If that is the case, the next GE will decide where the country is heading. Look the Non-Malays will not agree that this country is an Islamic State. Najib can say what he wants but I hope he reads the FC and understands its contents. MALAYSIA ISNT AN ISLAMIC STATE AS RECORDED IN THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION. Whoever says it so many times shouldnt be the leader for the Secular State. The coalition partners are sitting ducks. These leaders arent doing justic to the FC and the people they profess to protect. The Non-Muslims will decide in the next general election.

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