Saturday, December 30, 2023

the rocket shouldn't stay soft


The Rocket shouldn't stay soft

It isn't the way the game to be played

The leaders should have the boldness

As they displayed while in opposition

Renaissance man is pandering to his race

He wants to shore up his base for himself

He will not back up his NM partners

He will give his excuses

So much hope the NM gave him

Yet Renaissance man fails in his delivery

He wants to sound popular to his race

He should have stood for all instead

The Rocket leaders

NM voices must be heard loud and clear

Many cases religious authority infringes the rights of NM

Because they used religion as their base to take action

They forget the nation is Secular

Governed by the Federal Constitution

No law should go over-board on the supreme law

Yet the religious authority will try to ignore

The Rocket

A time to say; a time to quiet

Infringes on the rights of NM

Its leaders shouldn't stay mute

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