Tuesday, December 26, 2023

run on Macc


The Old Man

Now he will feel it

The fear he used to inflict

On those politicians he disagreed

The wealth creation

The contention in book and grapevine

It told of tales the billions got away

Those years ACA hardly investigated

He could put a lid on it

Nobody dared to question him

As he sat on the throne

Eyes of fire hand of axe

Now he is old

The past events may fall him

As one of his long time associate

Under the comb of Macc

The investigation will spread far and wide

The elites of his time will be worried

As Macc will not keep quiet now

The officers will have to dig deeper into it

The next King will not tolerate

He explained his action plan to cut it

The elites will be worried now

Even the Old Man will not be spared

The Renaissance man

Rise to the mark and make it

This year he made a few bad calls

On Israel and Hamas conflict

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