Tuesday, October 26, 2021

the Pandora papers


The Pandora papers

The probe has to begin

How a person can amass wealth

Parked it in off shore accounts

As the Old Man says

Legally it isn't wrong

As taxes will be paid

But morally it could be

Why want to set up off shore accounts?

Is it to hide assets or cash away from the authority?

To evade taxes to pay the country?

Why use nominee names to hold the wealth?

The Tax, Macc and police officials should probe it

They don't have to wait for police reports to start

The Pandora papers say $1.5 trillion gone from the nation

It listed the country as number 5 of monies transacted illegally

The Pandora papers

Answers need to be found

The systems need to be overhauled

Even with Bank Negara

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