Friday, October 15, 2021

the infection rate


The infection rate

It will slowly arrive

As we don't learn from Singapore

The republic has over thousands cases

The republic has to pull in the plugs

Every allowance of release has to pull back

The government has to stop the spread

Stringent measures have returned

The back door is doing the opposite

Opening up inter-state traveling

Most of the economic activities will resume operation

Rocking Rona will wake up its sting

Yesterday numbers rose

Over 8k cases reported

A sign MOH has to take action

Pull in the plugs before it goes up again

Vaccinations are putting up walls

It may help within a short spell

As sars Covid19 keeps mutating

The vaccines will become ineffective

We must still stick to rules and SOP

We mustn't be carried away

Rocking Rona still hanging free

We have to stay ahead; don't get caught in its web

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