Tuesday, September 17, 2019

why women love bad guys

Why women love bad guys?
Why gentlemen always fall behind?
Women will not tell you why
They want to enjoy the thrills and fun

One thing gentlemen fail
They lack the confidence to speak
They lack the skills to hold court
They always want to please the women

The bad guys will tease
They will throw caution to the wind
They don't care what the women think
They only care what they want

And women like to be controlled
The bad guys will flow in nicely
The bad guys aren't afraid
They can crack jokes at their own expense

I watch a house painter
He has many women coming to see him
He isn't rich or tall or handsome
But he oozes confidence with women

Years ago I talked to one my staff
He had many girlfriends falling for him
They would send him monies when he asked
Sex he had many times until he got sick

It was this reason I talked to him
I saw his skin with pores; cured and returned
Rumours spread he might have AIDS
He took his leave, returned months later

But he died a few days later
I promised he would get back his job
He was happy but he died
When his family member called

Women love men with confidence
The men who know what they want
Pursue it even the women reject them
Gain nothing staying alone or shy to go

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