Friday, September 27, 2019

the police keep the nation safe

The religious fanatics
They aren't keeping low
They have the habits of hitting
When an incident suits their taste

They can tell others
But they can't see the other way round
They will say they may go amok
It shows they have a weak foundation

The police should monitor these fanatics
They aren't the peace loving group of people
They will try to push their aggressive agenda
The Taliban way of life

It isn't the Islamic way
These are the people who have gone astray
They think they will go to paradise
Most likely crying in the lake of fire!

The police must monitor the pasembor party
There are members who have gone to fight for Isis
Many died there believing in their cause
Against the same faith and book of scriptures

There is one person the police have to do
Speed up the investigation to deport him
He shouldn't be allowed to stay
He isn't a citizen yet he got more out of it

Nobody is above any law
Let us see there is no double standards
Kick out the bad elements or jail them
We can't sacrifice our peace for bad agendas

The police so far done a good job
Capturing some of the religious fanatics
Before they do more harm to the nation and people
The illegal and local religious fanatics

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