Monday, September 30, 2019

the lies keep spinning

The lies keep spinning
Out in the open afraid to lose
Even the fear of its own shadow
The lies to stay relevant

Praying has no meaning
When the 7 sins keep running
God's command shouldn't disobey
Yet the liars keep harping on issues

One that we hear often
The Malays have lost power!
Is that a truth or a lie?
Today the people will have knowledge

They can't be misled by the liars
They don't want to fall in the lake of fire
Believe me it isn't a good place to swim
It is best to tell the truth in our lives

The Malays have not lost power
They are still in control in every web
It is only the zombie followers who can't see
They are the ones easily manipulated

Let us not think of our race
We should be united and forged ahead
We can't be addicted to get free alms
Else be colonized by the economic powerful countries

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