Friday, September 06, 2019

where to Malaysia?

Where to Malaysia?
A new hope a new wish
What has gone wrong?
The same old story

The faults lie with the Old Man
He doesn’t see the changes needed
Promises must be fulfilled
He shouldn’t dismiss it as lack of funds

Let the people involve
Issuing bonds or shares
To take over the tolls
It can be done

Then the Education systems haven’t addressed
But pile on unnecessary pressures
The minister should fix the crucial issues
Instead he talked on black shoes and khat

Now he says about morning breakfast
Tell us the millions will be involved
It is better to change education systems
He should know he was once a lecturer

The race and religion flare up again
One race always afraid of its shadow
It should let be like in 50s or 60s or 70s
Every religion can float with the wind

Don’t blame a race for being lazy
It has to do with education and discipline
Doing business takes time and lots of efforts
It can’t be had like magic

Where to Malaysia?
A new dawn but still hoping
The Old Man must retire in 2 years
Let Anwar Ibrahim helm the nation

Let him have a go
He suffered enough
He served his time in jail
He may have a better outlook

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