Sunday, September 22, 2019

back in the old days

Back in the old days
The old folks will tell
They don't have issues on race and religion
Everyone lived in a true one race

Every race could play and mix
They could call each other names
Nobody would feel offended
It was a game the old folks knew

It was after May 13
Things or events would change
One race was given a leg up
Together with benefits to live

The decades gone by
The addiction became worst
Until today they needed more
Else they can't get high

Back in the old days
It has become a distance memory
The good old ways have gone for good
Today we see the worst of race relations

The addicts will shout of glory
In numbers they think they can
But God is knowing and seeing
They better kick the habit and change

Before it is too late for them
Without a basic foundation to stand
Nothing will succeed but failures
Nobody wants it to happen

Back in the old days
The stories of friendship
Nothing about race and religion
They could sit together sing and eat

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