Saturday, September 14, 2019

the tricks of men

The lonely women
The hungry for men
Once it is written on their faces
They will easily fall prey

How many times to learn?
The sweet talking men
They aren't coming with good intentions
They want sex and money

Once they get it
The women will be left holding straws
Loss of monies and virtues
Hooking up men from internet

The score of women
Many cry in vain
The nightmares in their lives
Yet there are still many never learned

When you are lonely
You don't show you are eager for it
You have to take your time to respond
Study the men and the patterns of behaviour

There are always the trade marks
Quick on the take; take flight quickly
Once the women fall into their spells
They will start to work on it

Still we hear the sad story
Of lonely women falling prey
Losing monies, streaming naked videos and sex
When reality bites the women will cry

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